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At Gratpak, we provide high-quality paper bags that are renewable and recyclable for food service, restaurant carryout, grocery, retail, and shopping bags. Our experienced Sales Manager, Steve Folcarelli, will guarantee quick processing with services tailored to your requirements. 

We envision keeping New Zealand 100% pure by providing faster production while creating more jobs; our factory is based in the heart of North Island. We make sure all our sourcing is ethical, which allows us to offer unique, customisable options within an efficient one-stop solution for all packaging needs.

“We needed a unique size and design for our paper bags, and GratPak delivered beyond our expectations. The quality of the bags is exceptional, and the custom branding looks fantastic. Our customers have noticed the difference and often compliment us on the professional packaging.”

We believe in making sure you get the best product out there on time with exceptional service every step of the way – it’s our vision statement!


“Te mihi, te mihi, te maioha ki to maatau ao me te atawhai”.

GRATPAK – Gratitude

“Being Grateful, Thankful, We appreciate our Planet & strive to be  Kind”

Our Clients

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GratPak Mission

  • Our commitment to sustainable packaging & helping reduce the carbon footprint.
  • At GratPak, we focus on sustainability and manufacturing eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  • Every day, we work toward reducing the environmental impact of our operations, products and services.
  • We also receive reports and review sustainability news in our Industry. These reviews keep the industry informed about new eco-friendly packaging solutions in the global market.
  • Our vision by focusing on the reduction, reuse and recycling of packaging.
  • Research by the R&D Team informs our sustainability strategy and service offer. This includes developing new and more sustainable packaging options for the New Zealand market.
  • Our customers have confidence that the sustainable packaging options we present, comply with required standards

GratPak Vision


  • Working in our communities.
  • Families first.
  • Creating more jobs for Kiwis.
  • Help our employees achieve their full potential through quality training and recognition.
  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Work in partnership with our suppliers & customers to enhance their respect and loyalty.
  • Working rogether we can build a better New Zealand.


  • Sustainability leadership.
  • Reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Responsible and ethical sourcing.
  • With a vision of keeping New Zealand 100% Pure.
  • Working for a sustainable future.
  • Guaranteed ethical choices and sourcing.
  • Sustainable Supply Chain.


  • A Better Planet for NOW & THE FUTURE.
  • Happier communities
  • Happier children (Our future leaders)
  • Happier workforce
  • Happier customers

Together we can achieve more FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS

Gratpak’s bag manufacturing process is a testament to sustainability. We refrain from cutting or destroying any trees. Instead, our products are meticulously crafted from waste materials sourced from a variety of eco-friendly sources, including cardboard used in supermarkets and waste material from the building industry, such as sawdust, slashing, and pulp. By opting for Gratpak, you’re not just acquiring a bag, but actively contributing to a greener future.

Our products are made with waste products from a variety of sources from cardboard used in supermarkets to the waste material from the building industry, such as sawdust, slashing, pulp, etc.

 Make your mark with custom paper bags

How We Started


GratPak | New Zealanders supporting New Zealand

GratPak announced the opening of its manufacturing facility in New Zealand, in June 2020. The company employs local Kiwis and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint while creating a sustainable supply chain. Gratpak produces block-bottom paper bags from paper sourced in New Zealand. It is the first company in over 15 years to manufacture block bottom paper bags in New Zealand and began producing an SOS Block Bottom bag in December of the same year.

GratPak’s Large SOS Block Bottom Bag, which aims to replace plastic bags, hit the market in December 2020. The bag is available at major supermarkets such as Foodstuffs and Woolworths NZ, which started supporting Gratpak when their large international suppliers could not supply them.


GratPak is growing

In June 2021, GratPak launched its Flat Brown and SOS Block Bottom Range into the Food Service Wholesale market. In response to this demand, the company employed more local staff.

GratPak further expanded its offerings in August 2021 with the launch of its SOS Block Bottom Printed offer to QSR (quick service and fast casual restaurant) and Ho.Re.Ca (hotels, restaurants and cafes) .


We become the leading company

GratPak was appointed the preferred supplier of the New World Family 2 Family bags in February 2022. Thanks to Foodstuffs Marketing for supporting Local and NZ Made.

GratPak launches their rope handle range of Block Bottom bags.



GratPak creating a sustainabile benefits for New Zealand

After a successful partnership, GratPak was reappointed for the second year running for New World Family 2 Family Bags.

The company also partnered with Gilmours Wholesale and Foodstuffs Own Brands to work on 18 SKUS for Gilmours Private label.

GratPak successfully launched the Gilmour’s Private Label into all Gilmour’s Stores in April 2023.